Your Tour Guide & Photo Leader


Our experienced trip leader will constantly be guiding you every step of the way making sure you take full advantage of the opportunities given at every location. Our trip will begin at sunrise each day and we'll stay well after sunset to capture images during the sweet low light—the best time of day to take pictures. We take midday breaks, when the light is very harsh, so we can recharge our batteries, eat and rest before returning to the field.

We’ll visit national parks, wildlife reserves, remote islands, nesting grounds and areas of significant habitat.


Maxis Gamez


Maxis Gamez A native Floridian and experienced with the area, Maxis Gamez will be our Tour Leader and Guide to several locations around Florida.

Mr. Gamez is very familiar with the remote locations around the State of Florida and will also be your photo leader. With many bird photography workshops and seminars on his resume, Mr. Gamez will teach you how to carefully approach and capture amazing bird portraits and behavior without disturbing their habitat. He also is a very passionate photographer specializing in bird photography.

To learn more about Maxis, please visit his website: