About Maxis Gamez

Maxis Gamez is for the most part a self-taught photographer. He started photography as a hobby, but has now decided to devote his time and energy full time to photography.

Maxis GamezHe has discovered that with photography, he has found a medium that enables him to express his creativity and use his abilities. Viewing the world in a different way, he is capable of capturing wonderful images. These images have been featured in local galleries, published in nature magazines like Audubon, Shutterbug, Outdoor Photography Magazine, Nature Photographers Magazine and now published in National Geographic. His images has also won awards as well.

Maxis Gamez is now offering private lessons and field instructions workshops to anyone who is interested in learning all the tips and techniques he has learn over the years. If you would like to schedule a private class or one of his workshops, you may contact him directly HERE.

Maxis Gamez now lives in South West Florida, capturing images of all types such as wild birds, landscape, macro, flora and fauna, and more. He Take full advantage of the beauty of this wonderful state and its magnificent scenery.

To learn more about Maxis, please visit www.gvisions.org